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Taking the next step toward Cryptolocker prevention

According to an Enterprise Strategy Group study, 80% of cybersecurity decision makers stated that their company has already invested in cybercrime incident readiness activities. Preventing Cryptolocker attacks is a critical aspect of cybersecurity in today’s business environment. Here’s why you should take this step, too.

Top cybercrime cases in recent years

In recent years, the severity and scale of cybercrime attacks continued to increase as attackers sought to exploit security vulnerabilities for financial gain.

Cybercrime attacks are coordinated against all types and sizes of organizations, including municipal governments to healthcare companies.

For instance, one of the high-profile cases of occurred after a cybercriminal demanded $5.3 million in Bitcoin payment from the city of New Bedford in Massachusetts. After unsuccessfully attempting to negotiate a lower payment, the city was forced to seek their own methods of data recovery. This scenario was one of at least 140 cases that a local government was held hostage by a cyber-attack in 2019.

There were also major attacks against organizations that deal with confidential health information, including Wood Ranch Medical in Irvine, California and Brookside ENT and Hearing Center in Battle Creek, Michigan. These groups permanently closed due to cyber-attacks that wiped out thousands of patient medical records.

Over the past year, two notable threats, software known as Snatch and Zeppelin, emerged onto the cybersecurity landscape. Snatch is a hybrid data theft-ransomware threat against PC operating systems. Zeppelin is a variant of VegaLocker Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) used to target several United States and European companies.

These new risks reveal that cybercrime is rapidly evolving and must be taken seriously as a cybersecurity threat.

What companies are doing to prevent Cryptolocker

To combat the rising risk of Cryptolocker attacks, companies are taking action to protect their organizations. One common trend is continued investing in IT infrastructure and new hardware.

An effective Cryptolocker prevention strategy depends on more than physical tools but having advanced infrastructure assets to prevent and mitigate attacks is a key step.

Many organizations are also restructuring administrative and access rights on endpoints to limit the risk of Cryptolocker attacks. This decision may not be the most popular IT policy in your organization, but the following tips can also help prevent Cryptolocker attacks:

Cryptolocker prevention tips

  1. Embed threat intelligence tools and software unto your organization that can automate the detection and identification of Cryptolocker.
  2. Train employees to identify potential phishing schemes and network security vulnerabilities that might cause a Cryptolocker attack.
  3. Ensure proactive software security updates and patches are constantly being added to enhance the entire organizational cybersecurity.
  4. Have multiple data backups and a disaster recovery plan in place so that Cryptolocker attacks will be isolated to infected devices.
  5. Partner IT security and network teams to ensure that all devices are protected from emerging threats.
W. O’Donnell Consulting can help your organization take the next step to prevent Cryptolocker from disrupting business operations. Contact W. O’Donnell Consulting to learn more about security prevention methods that can be deployed for your business. 
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