Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Solutions

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We specialize in implementing and supporting two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions for businesses in NYC. Our expert 2FA consultants can help you install and manage a professional 2FA solution for company, giving you greater security and control over your valuable data. Contact us today to learn more about how our 2FA solutions can give you peace of mind, knowing that you are much more secure fully utilizing 2FA.

In this digital age, we all use several digital services for everything from checking our bank accounts to connecting remotely to our work. Hackers target login credentials because the payoff can be huge. Advances in technology and numerous successful data breaches make it easier and faster to steal or crack passwords.

That’s the bad news – more of us rely on digital services to conduct business, so the risk of compromised credentials is high and widespread. The good news, though, is that organizations can effectively secure access to digital services by requiring two-factor authentication.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication

When you log in to a service or account using a username and password, you’re authenticating access rights through a single factor. Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires a user to know something, like a password, to gain access, but it also adds a requirement to possess something, such as a smartphone connected to the same user account.

2FA is also technically a type of multi-factor authentication (MFA) because it requires more than just one method. MFA may call for additional information such as a password, code and biometric data. The more factors incorporated, the more layers of protection a user has against credential theft or compromise.

How 2FA Protects Your Business

2FA adds an extra layer of security. It helps users avoid or reduce many of the problems associated with single-factor authentication. Strong password hygiene, such as using a mixture of characters or changing passwords periodically, can help reduce vulnerability.2 The extra layer of security that 2FA provides helps fill in the gaps where strong passwords might not be enough, such as in the case of stolen credentials.

Maximizing 2FA Security

Across the board, 2FA can defend your organization against breaches. Any degree of multi-factor access is much better than single-factor authentication. However, bad actors are constantly trying to find ways to evade the layers of security that many businesses employ.

First, text messages are not impervious to cybercrime. Messages can be intercepted, and cybercriminals have gained access by using a tactic similar to a phishing email.3 In this type of attack, a seemingly legitimate email is sent to a target. It includes a link requesting a mobile number, then asks for a code that is sent as part of the legitimate authentication, effectively circumventing the protection.

Also, device security is crucial if employees use mobile devices as part of a 2FA or MFA implementation.

When properly used as part of an overall security policy, 2FA helps organizations minimize vulnerability. W. O’Donnell Consulting helps businesses leverage technology for greater security, using 2FA, MFA, and other methods to protect data and ensure only those who are authorized have access to valuable company resources. Contact us today for more information about how we can both enhance and simplify your authentication management.

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Two-Factor Authentication

  • Improves security by requiring 2nd form of identity
  • Increases mobility & flexibility with improved access
  • Lowers IT costs by reducing support requests
  • Reduces fraud and builds trust with businesses
  • Easy to implement and ensure it is being used

Industries We Serve

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • Large Commercial Enterprises
  • Non-Profits and Not-for-Profits
  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Healthcare and Medical Companies
  • Manufacturing and Industrial


You may be in an industry that requires certain reasonable efforts regarding security compliance and protection of information. 2FA is often a necessary first step in reaching compliance.

2FA is an easy way to improve your risk profile. It may not be the only thing you need to do but it is effective protection that can be very effective in reducing security concerns.


While some solutions are difficult to implement due to enforcement of adherence, 2FA can be rolled out and easily enforced. This makes is great even for large organizations.


2FA solutions can be put in place pretty quickly so this is not a solution that has to take a long roll out period. If you are concerned about protecting your network, this is a great 1st step.