Computer Network & Server Support


Computer Network & Server Support | NYC

We offer professional computer network support and server support for NYC organizations of all sizes, acting as the entire IT department, or assisting an existing overworked internal IT department. With services ranging from full management via our Total Network Coverage offering, regular maintenance, installation projects, monitoring and alert services, or simply warranty management, we’re able to right fit a service and support level for your company and for all major hardware brands.

Free Consultation and Discussion​​

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We Support

  • Computer networks
  • Servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Networking equipment
  • PC and Mac environments

Industries We Serve

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • Large Commercial Enterprises
  • Non-Profits and Not-for-Profits
  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Healthcare and Medical Companies
  • Manufacturing and Industrial

Slow Network

You may not be having errors and data loss, it could just be that your network is slow. We can analyze poor performing networks and give you options to address and improve it.

You might have an old server that’s still working fine. Don’t wait for it to crash. If it is out of warranty and end-of-life go ahead and plan now for a server refresh to avoid data loss.

Server Crash

It’s too late, your server has already crashed, now what? We can help get your business back up and running by replacing your server and restoring your data backup.

Network Errors

Do you keep getting file transfer errors or do devices keep disconnecting on their own? You likely have a problem with a switch, cable or even server. We can evaluate and address.