Oracle Training Classes

New York City

Oracle Training Classes

We offer numerous training and certification classes from Oracle and proudly serve the NYC market. We offer IT and computer training to organizations of all sizes. We can help your staff get trained and certified on the most popular hardware and software platforms.

Comprehensive Oracle Training

Our comprehensive Oracle training curriculum starts with a comprehensive introduction to Oracle 12c. Progress from there to learn database administration, backup and recovery or PL/SQL programming.

Below is a listing of available courses:

  • Oracle 10g Database Administration II – Release 2
  • Oracle 11g Database Administration II – Release 2
  • Oracle 11g Database Backup, Recovery, and Tuning
  • Oracle 11g DBA I – Release 2
  • Oracle 11g Foundations: SQL & SQL Plus
  • Oracle 11g Intermediate PL/SQL
  • Oracle 11g Introduction to PL/SQL
  • Oracle 11g SQL & SQL*Plus Basics Express Introduction
  • Oracle 12c: Advanced SQL
  • Oracle 12c: Database Administration Express Introduction for Support Personnel
  • Oracle 12c: Database Administration I
  • Oracle 12c: Database Administration II
  • Oracle 12c: Database Backup and Recovery
  • Oracle 12c: Database Backup, Recovery, and Tuning
  • Oracle 12c: Foundations: SQL and SQL*PLUS
  • Oracle 12c: Non-Certification Data Base Administration
  • Oracle 12c: PL/SQL Foundations
  • Oracle 12c: PL/SQL Introduction
  • Oracle 12c: Security Administration
  • Oracle 12c: SQL & PL/SQL Express Introduction
  • Oracle 12c: SQL & SQL*Plus Basics Express Introduction
  • Oracle 12c: SQL for Business and Data Analysts
  • Oracle 12c: SQL Tuning for Developers
  • Oracle 12c: Troubleshooting and Maintenance for Support Administrators
  • Oracle11g PL/SQL Foundations
  • Oracle11g SQL Tuning for Developers
Free Consultation and Discussion​​

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you with your staff training and certification needs.

Oracle Training Sections

  • Introduction to Oracle 12c
  • Oracle database administration
  • Oracle backup and recovery
  • Oracle PL/SQL programming
  • Oracle 11g product set

Industries We Serve

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • Large Commercial Enterprises
  • Non-Profits and Not-for-Profits
  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Healthcare and Medical Companies
  • Manufacturing and Industrial

Different Formats

Most of our training and certification classes are available as instructor-led, virtual instructor-led and 24/7 self-paced training so you can choose the best method for your learning style.

Many organizations have purchased Microsoft’s Software Assurance but they are not getting the full benefit. We can help you convert your Software Assurance benefits into training.

Volume Discount

Most of our classes are sold on an individual basis, however if you have greater training needs we can extend volume discounts to make training your staff more affordable.

First Time Deal

We want you to use us for all of your technical training and certification needs. Ask us how you can save $75 – $300 on your very first training purchase.