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Free Wi-Fi could be placing critical information at risk

Free Wi-Fi networks let busy people stay connected while on the go, and have almost become a necessity for the always-connected worker. Most companies even believe that offering a free connection is a crucial part of their customer-service plans.

Those networks, however, can hide a more sinister use, and free Wi-Fi could be placing critical information at risk, because it can easily be hijacked by cybercriminals. Cyberattacks on those networks pose a serious threat to individuals and businesses, but following best practices for security while out and about can help protect devices and data. 

The dangers of Wi-Fi networks

Many businesses offer free Wi-Fi access to get more customers in the door, allowing mobile users to gain access to the internet quickly and easily. Unfortunately, cybercriminals can harvest an individual’s information in several ways, including with a Man-in-the-Middle attack. In that attack, the hacker exploits a flaw in the business’s Wi-Fi network to get access to all the information sent by users, such as passwords or browsing history.

Another danger to mobile users is that of rogue hotspots, set up by hackers to look legitimate because of their name and availability. Once users connect, though, data from the device can be stolen and the device itself can be infected with malware.

While there’s certainly a risk of an individual’s identity theft, businesses can incur significant losses from the cyberattacks that occur in public areas. Employees frequently use public Wi-Fi networks to check emails or communicate with colleagues outside of normal business hours. Infected devices can provide the springboard for ongoing attacks against a business’s digital assets.

In addition, cybercriminals can target specific businesses or high-level managers using Wi-Fi. For example, in 2014, safety experts uncovered a scam known as “Dark Hotel.” Hackers waited for people to log onto the Wi-Fi offered at certain luxury hotels. When high-level targets, such as government officials or CEOs, used the hotel’s free Wi-Fi, they were tricked into downloading “necessary” updates for their software. 


The updates were disguised malware, and the victims later found that their mobile devices had been infected. The malware was stealing critical organization information in what experts judged to be a very sophisticated attack. The hacker still has not been identified. 

Best practices for staying safe

Data security is critical to individuals and businesses, but following a few best practices can help protect personal and corporate information from nefarious actors. Some simple steps to take are:

  • Avoid using free/ public Wi-Fi networks, regardless of the provider
  • If it’s not possible to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks, use a virtual private network on your devices to ensure the encryption and security of all communications.
  • Ensure that all mobile devices are running up-to-date software (operating system/antivirus/etc.)
  • Turn off Wi-Fi on your device unless you’re using it. In addition to draining your battery, the antenna alerts wireless networks within range to the presence of your device, which could make you a target.
  • Avoid using sites beginning with HTTP; choose only those beginning with HTTPS.
  • Obtain an unlimited data plan from your carrier so that you’re using your own service


Many mobile users tap into public Wi-Fi networks to check email, surf the internet, or connect with others, but those networks can easily be compromised by bad actors. To stay safe, mobile users should implement best practices for safe device use while in public areas.

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Ransomware Prevention is a layered approach

  • End User/Employee Security Awareness Training Solutions
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Application Whitelisting

  • Allow only authorized software, scripts, executables, to run/execute on servers and endpoints
  • ‘Default Deny’ approach protects your network
  • Peace of mind knowing that new malware/ransomware cannot run on your network

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