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W. O’Donnell Consulting is your trusted local IT project management support and services company for building owners in the Waterbury, CT area. When you partner with us, you will get expert advice to make sure your building design comes out right the first time. Contact us today for exceptional IT project management support and consulting services for building owners.


The importance of IT infrastructure

As a building owner, one of your main selling points is providing all the amenities your tenants need. This not only includes the immediate but also the long-term needs. You must take into consideration the physical design of the building, but you also need to think about how easy it will be to perform upgrades when needed. Getting a building up and running is only one piece of the puzzle. The same can be said for IT infrastructure.

Today’s buildings house companies that need connectivity, and they need it to be reliable. If you don’t include something in the design plan, adding it on later will only cost more. Hiring a third party like W. O’Donnell Consulting to plan your IT project management for building owners will not only guarantee you a resilient, modern IT design, but it will also save you money in the long run by not having to retrofit technology down the road. 

Structural IT infrastructure requirements

IT infrastructure is the overall technology that supports a company’s mission. It enables the customer to do everything from connecting to the internet to communicating with their customers. With us, you can ensure your technology covers anything that supports the management and usability of the data, which includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Ethernet cabling: These connection points must be easy to connect to, and there must be enough of them to accommodate multiple users/devices, and be scalable if the user base grows.
  2. Network devices: These include routers, Wi-Fi hotspots, Ethernet ports and anything that needs to be plugged into the network.
  3. Phone lines: Few people use a ‘land line’ anymore, however, the planning of life safety lines, security lines, and other specialized voice systems must be taken into consideration.
  4. Hardware: This includes computers, printers, servers, wireless access points, security cameras, access control devices, phones, and potentially many more.  

Benefits of IT Project Management and Consulting for Building Infrastructure

When it comes to building designs, developers create a team to generate blueprints for all the physical components such as roadways, drainage, safety, etc. However, today’s tenants are looking for modern technology to be included with the building. Some benefits of including IT infrastructure in building design include:

  • According to a recent study conducted by WiredScore, an organization that helps landlords, developers and tenants become more digitally connected through its technology and real estate expertise, 77% of potential tenants would sign a longer lease with better connectivity or would sign more quickly if the building came with IT infrastructure included.
  • Designing a building with a tech infrastructure saves you money down the road. You can avoid invasive changes and charges. It is better to design now rather than perform demolition later.
  • Nearly all devices in the building are networked. Bringing in telecom and network design into the conversation early can assure seamless coordination with the design team.
  • Having an experienced IT consultant on the team to liaise with all the subcontractors, review specifications, and attend construction meetings can help avoid costly mistakes.
While making the decision to choose an IT project management company to help design your infrastructure is easy, choosing who to partner with is more of a challenge.

Benefits of hiring W. O'Donnell Consulting to handle your IT project management

Partnering with us gives building owners access to:

  • Accurate costs: Any project will come with costs, but if you are tackling a project in unfamiliar territory, there will be unexpected expenses. We can help you plan for and understand those, and can also identify and remove bloated or redundant expenses.
  • Expert planning: We have years of experience working on these types of projects, so we can help integrate IT into the overall plan to help all the trades work in harmony toward delivering your systems as you envisioned them.
  • Increased confidence: By letting us manage the IT elements of your project, you can have confidence that all your future tenants will enjoy the amenities they expect. 

Why choose W. O'Donnell Consulting?

Including IT infrastructure in your initial building plans will not only make physical upgrades easier in the future, but it will also save you money. But you need a team that knows what they are doing to get the design right the first time. We have been developing and managing plans for IT project management for over 20 years.

We are your trusted, local provider of IT project management for building owners in the Waterbury, CT area. With us, you will receive the best consulting services to give your tenants the connectivity and reliability they demand. Contact us today for IT project management solutions and services. 

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