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Computer Security Support & Consulting

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W. O’Donnell Consulting specializes in providing computer security support in the Waterbury, CT area. With our experience and innovative solutions, you can depend on us for all your company’s security needs. Contact us today to speak to a computer security consultant. 

What risks does your company face? Every company today is faced with new and ongoing threats, even if they think they have the most up to date solutions in place. Having a trusted and reliable computer security support team is critical to ensuring your business’s long-term goals can be met while also protecting your operations today. With our computer security consulting service, we can help create a plan for addressing all levels of computer risk that could put your business at risk. Our computer security consultant will work closely with you to ensure you remain as safe as possible.

How We Help You Focus on Business

Our goal is to ensure your business can continue to operate the way it needs to on an ongoing basis without risk. To do that, we:

  • Determine what risks your company is facing, including what new and emerging risks are present.
  • Deploy a plan to mitigate those risks, ensuring it is always up to date to minimize any ongoing risk.
  • Reduce risk on an ongoing basis.
  • Monitor and execute changes and protections when new threats emerge, providing you with a constant watchful eye.
  • Educating you and your staff on how to minimize risks that could cost you the company you worked hard to build. 

What Level of Service Can W. O'Donnell Consulting Provide to You?

Computer security support should always be customized to address the unique needs of your business. Our computer security consulting professionals can help you choose the best level of support and protection for your business. Consider some of the ways we can do that: 

Incident Management and Response

When there is an incident, our team goes to work to protect you quickly and ensures you have the tools in place to manage it. This includes:

  • Quickly handling any incident that occurs
  • Utilizing our experience and knowhow to identify the source of the incident.
  • Investigate what occurred, using the parameters set by your company’s cyber-liability insurer (if any).
  • Managing and responding to the incident as needed
  • Sticking with you as you work to recover from the incident and get back to business. 
Strategic Readiness and Prevention

It is also important to have a plan in place to minimize risk. Our computer security consulting team works tirelessly to keep you focused on the path ahead, including providing services such as:

  • Working to understand future vulnerability risks and creating plans for eliminating them.
  • Employing risk management strategies for even the most complex of situations.
  • Consistently working to strengthen our abilities to protect, especially against advanced threats like ransomware.
  • Understanding, monitoring for and evaluating any insider threats that could put your business at risk.
We Handle the Technical Solutions

When you work with our computer security consultants, you can learn how our technical solutions can meet your needs. This includes: 

  • Evaluating existing security controls and operations 
  • Creating a real-world evaluation of your risks 
  • Building up protections against the most common but also the newest threats 
  • Identify and then close gaps in your security program 

Let Our Team Go to Work for You

W. O’Donnell Consulting provides the computer security support you need. Empower your business with reliable, trusted, and experienced professionals providing full computer security consulting services in Waterbury, CT.

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Remote Server Monitoring

  • Proactive identification of network issues
  • Centralized support for multiple locations
  • Automatic detection and mapping of network sections
  • Flexible remote and mobile access 
  • Internal IT team gains time for focus core IT functions

Industries We Serve

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses
  • Large Commercial Enterprises
  • Non-Profits and Not-for-Profits
  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Healthcare and Medical Companies
  • Manufacturing and Industrial

Best in Class

We are aware that a wide array of technology vendors exist and painstakingly look for and test best-in-class emerging solutions to ensure your business makes the right choice.

We are dedicated to our clients and doing what is in their best interest.  Our goal is to implement technology that is proven, affordable and actually works for the benefit of our clients.


We have consulted on and managed numerous IT projects, including large-scale international projects. Call us to discuss your initiatives and leverage our experience to benefit you.

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