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W. O’Donnell Consulting can help you with wireless network assessment and wireless network troubleshooting for all scales and types of businesses. Find out what is slowing you down and limiting your success. Turn to our wireless network and troubleshooting consulting team in Torrington, CT to learn more. Our consultant is available to speak to you today.

Expect the Best in Wireless Network and Troubleshooting Consulting from W. O'Donnell Consulting

Things can go wrong quickly for many businesses. When that happens, it may mean that you cannot operate as efficiently (or at all), and that costs you money. Wireless networks can be one of the biggest vulnerabilities for companies today. Our team can help you by providing a full wireless network assessment to determine where your weaknesses are. We can also offer full wireless network troubleshooting to enable you to get immediate help when you are experiencing problems. Our wireless network and troubleshooting consulting team is ready to work with you today.

What Could Go Wrong?

Our wireless network and troubleshooting consulting services are comprehensive. Throughout our history, we have helped clients to manage some of the most complex of networking issues.   By completing a full assessment, we can find vulnerabilities that could potentially allow for malicious activity and make recommendations to eliminate them.

For many companies, compliance is also a key factor. With our wireless network assessment, we can help you to implement security measures in alignment with compliance requirements. Our goal is to identify and then fix any wireless network vulnerabilities and signal strength issues that could be costing your company money or putting it at risk.

Our full-scale wireless network assessment includes helping with a range of network threats, including rogue and ad-hoc wireless access opportunities and security key enumeration risks. 

What Happens in Our Wireless Network Troubleshooting Solution

When you engage our team to take a closer look at your systems, you will get a thorough examination that provides a clear insight into your current configuration, its deficiencies, and your needs. Our wireless testing solutions will help with the following:

  • Finding wireless network vulnerabilities that put you at risk of an attack 
  • Testing the authorization and authentication system you have in place 
  • Determining how far your wireless network extends beyond your desired boundaries  
  • Finding out how well your wireless IDS /IDP system is currently operating 
  • Providing specific recommendations for upgrades to strengthen the security configurations currently in place 
  • Determining if there are any wireless deployments that need to be updated to meet compliance requirements and best practices based on NIST and FFIEC
Once we complete the wireless network assessment, we provide you with a report that outlines what we found and what your options are for improving it. It is straight useful information that can provide you with specific insight about where you need to focus your time to see improvement. 

Why Choose Us for Your Needs?

As a full-service company providing wireless network and troubleshooting consulting services in Torrington, CT, we have helped many companies to navigate even the most challenging of situations with the best possible results. When you choose to work with our team, you benefit from the following: 

  • Highly skilled technicians 
  • The most modern resources and technologies are at your fingertips 
  • Comprehensive support when you need it, even with immediate support solutions 
  • Reliable outcomes to all the services we offer – we stand behind our work 
  • Competitive pricing on all the services we offer

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Turn to W. O’Donnell Consulting for your wireless network and troubleshooting consulting needs. With years of experience, we are here to help you with all aspects of wireless network assessment and wireless network troubleshooting. Contact our consultant to learn how we can help you. 

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  • Proactive identification of network issues
  • Centralized support for multiple locations
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  • Internal IT team gains time for focus core IT functions

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