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Ransomware Removal 101

Ransom malware, or ransomware, is a serious threat to digital security across an entire business enterprise. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting servers to infect computer networks, locking the system files and demanding a monetary payment as ransom to restore the system. Variations of ransomware originated back in the late 1980s, and over the years it has only evolved to be smarter and more invasive.

Know the types of ransomware

There are several variations of ransomware that range widely in complexity and threat level. Three of the most common types of ransomware are scareware, screen lockers and encrypting ransomware.

Scareware is a common ransomware attack that manifests as a popup window or screen that tries to pressure or intimidate users into purchasing a cybersecurity software. Users are generally able to operate their computer system. However, the scare tactics or inconvenience of the popup may persuade them to pay for a fraudulent service.

Screen lockers
A screen locker is another type of ransomware that completely locks users out of their computer. Screen lockers are more serious than scareware because they often imitate or pretend to be an official authority in order to coerce users to recover their system.

Research your OS
Typically, the most dangerous form of ransomware is encrypting ransomware. With this security threat, cybercriminals are able to access and encrypt the individual files on a computer, which makes it nearly impossible to recover. 

Responding to a ransomware attack

Prioritize protection over removal
The easiest way to remove ransomware is to avoid getting infected in the first place. This can be done by staying informed on the current popular ransomware schemes and how to avoid them.

Don’t pay the ransom
To pay or not to pay is the question, especially given the array of conflicting advice around best practices about ransomware removal. However, the FBI and cybersecurity experts generally argue that it does not pay to pony up for a ransom. There is no guarantee that malicious attackers will even play fairly and agree to the terms of removing the ransomware.

Instead, contact the FBI or federal law enforcement agency about any suspected malware or ransomware attacks. Spreading malware is a federal crime and cybersecurity agents may have experience dealing with similar schemes and have the technical expertise to properly remove the ransomware.

Keep your system running, disconnect from the network
An infected computer might be at risk of spreading malware to other connected computers, so it is important to disconnect a target device from the network. 

However, turning off or rebooting the computer system is not recommended because that can lock the operating system and permanently block files from being accessed or recovered. 

Research your OS
There are technological solutions that can remove ransomware or assist in file recovery, but the operating system of an underlying computer impacts the ability. For example, ransomware removal for a Mac can be much more difficult than ransomware removal for a PC. 


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