Microsoft Azure Server Migration


Microsoft Azure Server Migration

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W. O’Donnell Consulting is your trusted local company for Microsoft Azure server migration services in the NYC area. Our team of qualified engineers is ready to breathe new life into your IT environment by leading the charge to help you deploy and manage Microsoft Azure cloud services. We can help you navigate the Microsoft Azure cloud platform of more than 200 products and services. We will partner with you to deploy, manage, and provide custom solutions to help your business be its best. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Best Practices

Microsoft Azure Server Pre-migration

Our team of qualified engineers are ready to engage with you to establish a solid plan for migration to Microsoft Azure. We will carefully listen through the pre-migration stage so that we can learn about your business. It is essential to use this time of discovery to establish data inventories, assess workloads, and develop a timeline for the project. These initial tactics will enable us to build a right sized environment for your business.

Microsoft Azure Server Migration

We will select the best Microsoft Azure resources to fit your project requirements and work cohesively with your team to begin the migration. Migrating the source schema, source data, and objects to target are all areas of expertise for our highly skilled team of engineers. Testing access to resources by your team and verifying functionality are key elements of this process.

Microsoft Azure Server Post-Migration Tasks

Clean up after migration is a vital part of the process. Although we can anticipate and proactively avoid many issues, migration to new software has its challenges. For this reason, you need experienced experts like those on W. Odonnell Consulting’s team to quickly and efficiently provide solutions. We will work to remediate application issues, perform tests, purge old VM’s accordingly, and ensure back-up. Our job will not be complete until your new environment is 100% verified.

Trust Your Microsoft Azure Server Environment

Security and privacy are the core foundation of Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft Azure platform resembles other Microsoft products in that elevated levels of trust, conformance, and compliance are standard. Microsoft Azure can also save you money by allowing you to only pay for what you use.  

According to Gartner, more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies trust their business to Microsoft Azure. Join other successful businesses, and contact W. O’Donnell Consulting today to schedule a free consultation. We are committed to serving you –Let us take you to the cloud!

Free Consultation and Discussion​​

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you get more out of your IT investment, lower your overall costs and increase your productivity.

Microsoft Azure Backup

  • Scale easily with no storage limits
  • No costly appliance to support and maintain
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Resilience via Locally Redundant Storage, Geo-redundant storage, or Zone-redundant storage
  • Application consistent backups

Mobile Device Security & Encryption

  • Mobile device VPN solutions
  • Mobile device encryption solutions
  • Mobile device secure browsing solutions
  • Microsoft Intune

Best in Class

We are aware that a wide array of technology vendors exist and painstakingly look for and test best-in-class emerging solutions to ensure your business makes the right choice.

We are dedicated to our clients and doing what is in their best interest.  Our goal is to implement technology that is proven, affordable and actually works for the benefit of our clients.


We have consulted on and managed numerous IT projects, including large-scale international projects. Call us to discuss your initiatives and leverage our experience to benefit you.

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