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W. O’Donnell Consulting is your trusted local Microsoft Azure backup specialist in NYC. Trust us with your Microsoft Azure backup configuration needs and Microsoft Azure backup support. Set up a consultation with our team to learn how we can help you today.

Put W. O'Donnell Consulting to Work for Your Microsoft Azure Backup Needs

Protecting the operation of your organization requires careful planning, the right tools, and the highest quality of support. We provide complete Microsoft Azure backup services to our clients. We make it easy for you to monitor backups to ensure they are accurate and efficient. You can also rely on our team for complete Microsoft Azure backup configuration, ensuring your business is set up for success. If there are problems or concerns, our Microsoft Azure backup support is there to guide you to the best solution possible.

How Can We Help You Today?

Our team is here to offer the services your organization needs, tackling even the biggest problems with efficient solutions. We offer a wide range of resources to support our clients in every industry and business. Let us help you with these and other needs:

  •  Backup monitoring: Ensuring your backup goes the way it should is the only way to know that your data is protected, and your company is able to remain operational. We replace the manual spreadsheet checking process that often leads to complications and limitations. By moving to our automated system, you save time, eliminate the most common human risks, and get more effective results on a consistent basis. 
  • Prevent risks in the first place: With our services, we make it possible to spot the trends occurring in your operations, which allows for the proper prevention of problems later. We can spot the anomalies that are occurring in your backup data and use that information to take the steps necessary to protect your data. 
  • Meet compliance requirements: For many companies, compliance is an important requirement. We can help you to design a complete Microsoft Azure backup configuration that meets and exceeds all compliance requirements for your industry. That allows for the elimination of risks related to compliance failures. 

With the functionality and efficiencies we can build into your data backup strategy, you can expect your business to gain the reliability it needs. Our team is here to provide comprehensive Microsoft Azure backup support when you need it, too. If something is not operating as it should or you have questions about the services, know that our team is here to help you.

Put W. O'Donnell Consulting To Work for You Now

For all Microsoft Azure backup needs, allow W. O’Donnell Consulting to be there for you. With our Microsoft Azure backup configuration services, you will have a successful backup system in place to meet your company’s requirements. You can depend on our Microsoft Azure backup support for ongoing needs as well. Call a consultant today to find out more.

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Microsoft Azure Server Migration

  • Scalable workloads
  • Predictable costs
  • Resiliency
  • Streamlined management

Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct

  • Further leverage the investment in Microsoft Windows Server
  • Highly resilient
  • Highly scalable–up to 16 servers with 400 drives for up to 1 petabyte of storage per cluster
  • High performance & resource efficiency

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