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W. O’Donnell Consulting is your reliable local business continuity solutions and planning services company in the NYC area. Our team of experts can help provide advanced planning and preparation to maintain critical operations during emergency situations. We build processes and applications to ensure technology continues to work even in crisis. Contact us today to secure an experienced partner.


The W. O'Donnell Consulting Team

A good plan begins with a good team. Our team of experts have successfully worked with numerous businesses in the NYC area to build business continuity plans that work.  We begin by establishing groundwork for the project by learning about critical functions of your business, setting up oversight processes, coordinating training, and establishing key team members.  Key team members should include:

This individual will be responsible for the overall responsibility and accountability for the entire business continuity plan. 

The manager will assign responsibilities for the program. 

Assistant Business Continuity Manager
The assistant manager role will be to serve as back-up to the manager. 

Administrative Assistant
The assistant shall provide as-needed support to the entire team. 

From a functional perspective, our team works alongside you to provide expert guidance and support throughout the process of establishing a plan for continuity. Additional individuals are added to the team as needed. The goal is to implement strategies that will enable you to quickly recover key business and technology functions.

Building Process & Establishing Standards

Poorly planned business processes are destined for failure. Our team of knowledgeable experts has the skillset to build solid processes that create formal process flows and boundaries. This documented strategy provides a sequence of actions that are critical to business continuity. A successful plan should include: 

Process purpose
This document clearly defines why a process is needed and it outlines how the organization will benefit from having an established business continuity plan. 

Process scope
The process scope will include a detailed description of what is included in the business process. 

Process boundaries
Boundaries will dictate where the process starts and where it ends.  Boundaries must be clearly identified and documented.  It is also essential that all team members clearly understand process boundaries. 

Process flow
The process flow, which is typically presented in graph form, will provide detailed instructions of each process from start to finish. 

This section will include expectations for specific individual processes, as well as collectively for the whole of the business. 

Business processes should be measured to serve as a guide to justify a means of control to improve performance efficiencies. 

We have a plan.

Businesses must have plans to deal with difficult situations. Let W. O’Donnell Consulting help your business build a successful plan that includes detailed instructions to follow in the event of disaster, fire, flood, or cyberattack. Contact us today to get started.

Free Consultation and Discussion

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Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

  •  Business Continuity
  • Testing with no disruption to business function
  • Data Resilience
  • Data Replication
  • Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)
  • Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

Microsoft Azure Backup

  • Scale easily with no storage limits
  • No costly appliance to support and maintain
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Resilience via Locally Redundant Storage, Geo-redundant storage, or Zone-redundant storage
  • Application consistent backups

Best in Class

We are aware that a wide array of technology vendors exist and painstakingly look for and test best-in-class emerging solutions to ensure your business makes the right choice.

We are dedicated to our clients and doing what is in their best interest.  Our goal is to implement technology that is proven, affordable and actually works for the benefit of our clients.


We have consulted on and managed numerous IT projects, including large-scale international projects. Call us to discuss your initiatives and leverage our experience to benefit you.

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