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W. O’Donnell Consulting is your trusted local network penetration testing services company in the Manhattan, NY area. Our network penetration testing consultant will identify potential threats, to help your company avoid a costly data breach. Contact us today to secure your network!

Every day, businesses face new and increasingly sophisticated network threats that jeopardize confidential material, customer data, and brand reputation.

Businesses require a sophisticated network security solution to defend them from these threats. But unfortunately, many organizations cannot create and maintain such a system.

We offer network security consulting and auditing to help you quickly and effectively identify and resolve network issues.

About network penetration testing

Network penetration testing is the process of identifying security vulnerabilities present in your business’s IT assets by evaluating your networks, computer systems, endpoints and web applications using an array of malicious techniques.

We use highly sophisticated, authorized simulated attacks to detect and exploit all weak points in the system being tested to determine the feasibility of gaining unauthorized access to sensitive information. 

Purpose of penetration testing

The primary objective of penetration testing (also referred to as a pen test) is to ensure that your valuable enterprise data is secure from the exploits of hackers and cybercriminals. Our penetration testers (or ethical hackers) use pen tests to figure out the level of risk that your IT infrastructure is exposed to and determine the adequacy of existing detection and defensive measures in preventing security breaches and concerted cyberattacks. 

By analyzing the results of the tests, we can suggest the implementation of possible countermeasures in order to reduce the possibility of hackers gaining access to your system. Our pen tests also ensure the security of financial and other sensitive data when transmitting between systems and networks. 

We can also do network penetration testing to meet the information security compliance requirements of your particular industry or to assess the overall impact of a successful breach. 

W. O'Donnell Consulting's best practices for network penetration tests

With the proliferation of newer, more sophisticated threats every year, our network penetration testing consultants recommend our clients make pen testing a top priority.  Our best-practice network penetration testing services include:    

Pre-test stage. The most efficient way to perform pen testing is to design and execute a series of repeatable and methodical tests. These tests are broad enough to cover all the possible vulnerabilities in your system or network and are carried out systematically to ensure adequate testing of all areas.

During the pre-test stage, our penetration testers gather all relevant information on the application or network as well as the infrastructure it resides on. 

Test stage. Our testers first execute an infrastructure-level penetration test to check the deployment and security level of the underlying infrastructure. If it’s possible to exploit the application servers, it would be much easier to exploit the web application. 

 During pen testing, our testers first evaluate the vulnerabilities present in entry points where dynamic content is generated, and user input is accepted. 

Post-test stage. If any vulnerabilities are discovered during the course of testing, we immediately notify your system administrator or management personnel. Once testing is complete, our pen testers record the results, report all vulnerabilities found, and provide risk assessments for said vulnerabilities. 

Savvy businesses and enterprises always outsource penetration testing of their web applications, network, computer systems and other endpoints to experienced network penetration testing consultants. By leveraging the services of our expert team at W. O’Donnell Consulting, you can rest assured that your company’s digital assets will be examined against the potential exploits of malicious hackers and cybercriminals. We follow industry best practices at every point during the penetration testing process.

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