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W. O’Donnell Consulting is your trusted Everbridge partner serving the Manhattan, NY area. As an Everbridge dealer, we help clients improve their resilience through intelligent automation and risk management solutions. Contact us to learn more about your options. 

Prepare for Critical Management Risks with Next-Generation Solutions

Critical events cost companies millions of dollars over their lifetime but often can be mitigated from the start with the right solutions. As an Everbridge partner, we collaborate with our clients to improve their risk mitigation options. With the Everbridge 360 platform, your organization will be empowered to anticipate (and prevent), mitigate, and respond to any type of critical event that occurs. As an Everbridge dealer, we have helped many organizations to recover more strongly from such events and minimize their risks. When you contact us as your Everbridge reseller, you will get exceptional support as you consider your options and how we can minimize your risks.

How Can Everbridge Help Your Organization?

Everbridge tools and resources such as Travel Risk Management and NC4, behind Everbridge 360, are what make it so powerful and effective. Everbridge is designed to enable: 

  • Prevention and anticipation of risks
  • Mitigation of risks if they occur
  • Response management to ensure the response solves the problem
  • Recover and prevent further risks

What makes it different is that our platform combines intelligent automation with the most complete risk data available through the Keep People Safe and Organizations Running platform.  

How Does Everbridge Improve Results?

Here is the bottom line. Our clients find that Everbridge is one of the most important and impactful tools they have used to minimize monetary loss related to critical events. Why trust this platform with such an important task?

  • Everbridge is used by more than 6500 customers around the world and is a trusted brand. 
  • Forrester reports that companies using this tool saw a 358% ROI on the investment.
  • It is recognized by G2 for being the best incident management solution.
  • Every year, this platform manages billions of critical interactions, mitigating untold amounts of risk.
  • It is a complete, end-to-end critical event solution. It does it all for you seamlessly.  

The Benefits of Moving to Everbridge

Every company has options when it comes to minimizing risk while remaining under budget. There are several core reasons why Everbridge is the best option available for critical event management. Ways Everbridge delivers results:

  • It is a single platform to utilize and manage, keeping costs lower and making it far more efficient to manage the way you operate your business.
  • Enable faster response times if a critical event occurs or could be occurring, potentially saving your company from costly downtime and expensive losses.
  • It learns, grows, and improves consistently over time, always working to keep every user up to date and protected as new threats develop.
  • Manage critical events with care and privacy, ensuring that data does not leak, and you have access to the best insights at any given time.
  • Eliminate communication delays that cost companies valuable time and money.
  • Remain organized and focused on critical management resilience.

Using the most advanced technology available, we can offer the critical event management solution best suited for your organization. That includes offering solutions for:

  • Business operations
  • Smart security
  • People resilience
  • Digital operations
  • Public safety

Choose our services for manufacturing, education, ecommerce, healthcare tech, financial services, and much more.

We customize the solutions we offer to meet the specific risks and threats your company is up against. Do not put off working with the best tool for your needs.

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W. O’Donnell Consulting is a trusted Everbridge partner serving Manhattan, NY. Protect your business and employees by allowing us to be your Everbridge consultant. Let us help you navigate your options.

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